Monthly Archives: November 2012

PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Options)

This week, 23 new and returning  TORCH students enrolled in PSEO classes that are available online through Riverland Community College. Students who successfully complete college courses with a C or above will obtain both high school and college credit. Courses that students are enrolled in for the spring semester include Philosophy of Ethics, Sociology: Criminology, Theater and Film, Freshman English, and Biology of Human Nutrition. To support students in this program, Carleton College students will act as Teaching Assistants, meeting with TORCH students once a week to teach and review material.

Thank you Carleton College and Riverland Community College for your help making college credits a possibility for TORCH students at Northfield High School!


College Application Week

This week, November 12th-16th, is College Application Week!

During Minnesota College Application Week, the goal is for every graduating senior to have the chance to complete a college application, with a focus on encouraging and assisting low-income, minority, and would-be first generation college students with the application process. Many Minnesota colleges and universities will be waiving application fees for this week to further encourage student participation.

At Northfield High School, the TORCH Office is excited to host events supporting College Application Week. On Tuesday and Thursday this week, TORCH staff along with volunteers from Carleton College, South Central Community College, Minnesota State University Mankato, and Inver Hills Community College will be available throughout the day to assist students with college applications or researching opportunities for further education. Other events include Wear Your College Gear Day, College Essay Day, and Financial Aid Day. During these events, students will receive information, encouragement, and strategies for moving forward in their college application process.

A big thank you to Hogan Brothers, Culver’s, George’s Vineyard, and the Quarterback Club for supporting Northfield High School students’ continuing education through their donation of coupons for students participating in College Application Week!