High School

  • Academic Advising: TORCH staff meets bi-weekly with students to help support their academic success. Staff reviews grades, missing assignments, test preparation techniques, and help students make a plan for successful completion of graduation requirements.
  • College Exposure Opportunities: TORCH sponsors  30+ college trips each year to post-secondary institutions in Minnesota and surrounding states. Students tour campuses, meet with admissions staff, and learn about the requirements and opportunities of each higher education institution.
  • College & Career Workshops: TORCH sponsors regular workshops for students on college and career exploration topics. Sessions focus on how to prepare for college, beginning to research post-secondary opportunities, the college application process, career possibilities, and preparing for the ACT test.
  • ACT Preparation: TORCH runs a successful ACT test preparation program. Students work with TORCH staff and partners, plus college tutors to prepare for the standardized test.
  • Individual Assistance with College Applications: TORCH partners work individually with each high school junior and senior to identify prospective college possibilities and to complete the required applications and financial aid forms.
  • Financial Aid Assistance: TORCH has created a strong partnership with area colleges including South Central, Gustavus, and Inver Hills. TORCH staff, with the assistance of financial aid experts from these institutions, work with seniors and their families to complete the FAFSA or MN Dream Act. The TORCH staff also helps seniors identify appropriate scholarships and interpret financial aid award letters so that students enroll in colleges that fit their academic and financial needs.
  • Ongoing Communication with TORCH Graduates: TORCH partners maintain ongoing contact with TORCH graduates throughout their collegiate careers. They provide continued support for financial aid, career exploration, and general navigation of the college systems.