Goals & Successes


TORCH partners are committed to the establishment and monitoring of outcome measures to assess the project’s success.  Through the proposed activities, TORCH partners expect to also see the following measurable outcomes annually:

  • 90% of TORCH students will remain in school.
  • 90% of TORCH seniors will graduate from high school.
  • 50% of TORCH graduates will pursue post-secondary education.
  • 60% of TORCH graduates enrolled in post-secondary schools will complete their first year in college and progress towards earning a degree.
  • 40% of TORCH students will demonstrate improvement in core academic subjects.


The outcomes that TORCH has seen over the past four years have been phenomenal:

  • Since TORCH’s inception, the graduation rate for Latino students in Northfield has increased to nearly 90%
  • Over 70 TORCH students have graduated from high school since the program began in 2005
  • Last year alone, TORCH graduated 21 high school students.  Of these, 17 have plans to attend post-secondary education institutions
  • Half of TORCH alumni are currently enrolled in college. In addition, one alumni has an apprenticeship, one is serving in the armed forces, and one is living in South Africa as a Rotary Exchange scholar. Two students have completed their CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) degree.
  • In year-end evaluations completed in May 2012:
    • 81.5% of TORCH students reported that being in the program helped them do better in school.
    • 76.9% of TORCH students reported that they have a good chance of graduating.
    • 92.3% of TORCH youth said they would like to go to college.
    • 95% reported that there is “a good chance” or “some chance” that they will go to college.

Since TORCH began in 2005, the graduation rate for Northfield’s Latino students has climbed from 36% to over 90%. This is a staggering transformation that has resulted from incredible collaboration by the TORCH partners and staff.  One Northfield Public Schools administrator recently called TORCH the “single most effective intervention I have seen in my 20-plus years of education.”

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