TORCH contracts with three Coordinators – two at the high school level (Kim Horner and Teddy Gelderman) and one at the middle school level (Susan Sanderson).  The former high school coordinator (Beth Berry) has retired, but is staying on as a consultant.

The project is overseen by the TORCH Team, which includes 15 representatives from the partnering agencies.  The TORCH Team meets monthly to provide guidance and direction to the project, to review evaluation results, and to make recommendations for changes to the strategic plan.

Through a partnership with the Minnesota Alliance With Youth, an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow, Allie Devney, works with TORCH students, helping students access the supports needed to assure academic success.  She works closely with Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation  AmeriCorps VISTA, Eva Kostyu, who helps students to enroll in college courses and find financial aid as well as working with families and local organizations to improve TORCH services.

The Middle School TORCH program is also supported by AmeriCorps positions. , Kelsey Klug, an AmeriCorps VISTA, and Eli Robiner and Tony Daza,  AmeriCorps Promise Fellows. All four are each responsible for a cohort of TORCH students, where they provide academic advising, tutoring, mentoring services, and after school programming.

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